U.S. Customs and Compliance

Facilitate Compliance and Reduce Import Costs

Tradeworks offers U.S. Customs Consulting services aimed to facilitate compliance and reduce the cost of trade for importers. Our technical knowledge provides services to different industries – construction, energy, food & beverage, agriculture, retail, and technology.

Trade Services

For importers and exporters ready to provide their businesses a boost by reducing both real and potential costs of trade, Tradeworks helps them identify and capitalize on programs and initiatives directed to minimize customs costs and exposure.

HS Classification and Valuation 

  • Duty Elimination or Reduction
  • Preferential and Free Trade Agreements
  • Duty Drawbacks

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Rulings

  • Binding Customs Rulings for Potential Issues 
  • Advice Requests for Existing Issues

Special Project Logistics

For corporations in the construction, importing, or exporting manufacturing or processing facilities, or similar large-scale capital projects, we can manage your trade logistics to expedite deliveries, ensuring regulatory compliance and the lowest possible duties.

U.S. Customs Compliance Services

Our U.S. Customs team is an experienced resource with vast knowledge of the complex global logistics and customs environment. For compliance-minded corporations or those seeking to improve their relationships with U.S. Customs, our team will facilitate logistics processes to ensure that reasonable care is being utilized in complying with the U.S. Customs and other government agency regulations.

  • Compliance management
  • Petitions for release from liquidated damages
  • Monetary penalties resolution
  • Relief from Detentions and Seizures

At Tradeworks, compliance is our expertise. We can improve your companies’ compliance and risk mitigation by optimizing processes and procedures.

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